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Financing Is Extremely Important

When it comes to numbers, you are Number One to Apex/Rentco, and getting the best financial advice should be Number One on your list. Ted Covington is our Finance & Credit Manager. Ted understands the big picture and can be of great service to provide your assistance through the process. Apex works with a network of lending institutions to find the best rates and terms for Apex customers.

The most important thing anyone can offer is one-stop, shopping convenience. Apex is just that. We can save you time, money, the aggravation of having to go to many locations to accomplish what we provide here under one roof.

Even a great relationship with your bank is not always your best option. Few bankers understand trucking, trailers or the state of the industry’s economy. A major question is why use up your line of credit with your bank to buy equipment?

I know the best lenders for just about any situation. Approval can take as little as one hour or up to three days, depending on the particulars of each purchase. We provide service that includes obtaining the title and other paper work that saves you time. It is possible, depending on your tax structure, a special lease can be a very advantageous financial decision.

Contact your Apex sales representative and put us to work for you!

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